Carry all your stuff on both shoulders in your new backpack. Vintage or contemporary, in leather or fabric, small or large, for sport, hiking, college, or for traveling, your style is at Fnac!

Especially since there are many models for men, women, or teenagers. Children also go to school quietly equipped with their cards.

You’re ready to go on the go with your computer, books, and all your valuables – all on the go. Because the backpack is today a real fashion accessory, and shop experts prove it to you.

DM Boutique’s online store offers a wide range of city backpacks with delivery in Johannesburg and everywhere in Gauteng.

Thanks to its functionality and practicality, this youth accessory is in demand among people of all ages, leading a dynamic lifestyle.

It has long ceased to be a traditional attribute of tourists and athletes. The models have undergone significant changes both externally and in terms of ergonomics and comfort.

Must meet the criteria of a person leading an active lifestyle.

Characteristics of youth backpacks

The backpacks presented on the website differ in the following characteristics:

  • They are made of modern materials that are adapted to aggressive external factors and have water and dirt-repellent properties. Fabrics do not fade or fade even after prolonged wear.
  • Ergonomic In these products, the interior space is thought out as much as possible – there are sections for a laptop, a phone, and other gadgets. In addition, there are many different pockets and compartments.
  • Stylish design that combines fashion trends and popular colors. You will always be in trend and correspond to the trends of city life.
  • Quality. We sell products from renowned manufacturers, whose products are in demand and have proven themselves from the best side.

Only better

Youth backpacks are made in various forms, however, strict design and monochromatic coloring prevail.

They are distinguished by a long service life and a favorable price. The accessory will become an irreplaceable companion in daily wear.

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Anti Theft Backpack Kaka 501


Anti theft Backpack Kaka 806

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Backpack for Mountaineering Kaka 2010

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Backpack High Quality – Bange BG-G62


Backpack Laptop Anti Theft – 2248

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Bange BG63 Multi functional Waterproof 15.6″ Backpack


Camouflage Travel Backpack KAKA 2020 40L – Black

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Crossbody Beg Men Chest Pouch Bag 99006


Crossbody Shoulder Bag KAKA 99008


Crossbody Sling Bag Kaka 99010 – Navy Blue


Eceen 612 Solar Backpack


ECEEN Sun Power Solar Camel Backpack-ECE-611